Photography is Elise Klysa’s vehicle for storytelling as she draws her inspiration from finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Elise grew up a rural town in upstate New York where she learned the value of community and engaging in the world around her.  After college she worked as a radio news reporter in New Hampshire.  

Later in Massachusetts she worked in marketing and pubic/community relations.  She traveled extensively throughout the world and the United States developing community service projects.  While leading a service project in New York City on September 11, 2001, she decided to make a life change. 

She got a master’s degree and began teaching and consulting.  Since moving to Maine, she has immersed herself in photography and earned a professional certificate in visual storytelling and photography from Maine Media Workshops + College, in Rockport, Maine in 2015 and currently is a professional freelance photographer.

Be it on a farm, in a diner, or on the street,  Elise looks for those moments that tell the story of our lives.  She does so with insight, a unique perspective, and dignity.